Who we are?

We started year ago as a group of 5 developers working on ABAP solutions for various companies. During this year our team growth to 15 people. As another projects appear, new people are joining us.

We are diverse team of senior, mid and junior developers. Each task is another challenge, but we like that. This way we can develop ourselves and learn from each other. We don’t want to stay in one place, world is changing, new solutions appear, and we are always ready to discover them and use them in our work.

Customised solutions make life easier. Bring us Your requirements and we will provide You solutions.


Why we love our work?

Because we solve people problems and make their work easier.

We are not afraid of new challenges, and You also shouldn’t. We will support You in development You need.


We are training next generation of developers

In our team we have senior, regular and junior developers. You can’t be senior developer out of blue. Our juniors learn from seniors, helping them with daily tasks and gaining experience to be next generation of developers for our clients.